Now Don’t Pull Your Hair Out or Anything

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Bwog Queue Correspondent Anna Kelner sent in this picture of people waiting for their free HAIR tickets in Wallach:

Hair line

With only 44 tickets to hand out in total and the line already stretching around the corner, we dare imagine the anxiety people felt as they stood in line. And who knows, if you hurry, you may catch the tail end of the giveaway.

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  1. I believe...  

    ...there were 74 tickets total.

  2. every single person

    in this line SUCKED. like they were hyper intense theatre freaks who obviously have never been to a broadway play before, especially this one girl who thought that she could delegate responsibilities. A friend and I tried to cut: she counterregulated. We didn't take no sass. And we pwned her.

  3. Mostly...  

    ...freshmen who haven't had their taste of free/discounted Broadway shows. And also, a large number of people weren't even from the LLC, that may be a concern in the future as Carman residents try to scope out our tickets.

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