Apocalypse Now?

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Woefully anticipating a harbinger of  the world’s end — or at least a spectacular display of debris from the Comet Tempel-Tuttle — our photographer waited on South Lawn last night, armed only with coffee, camera phone, and perseverance. Unfortunately, results were not what we hoped.


As the Leonid showers continue this week, chances for better visibility seems dubious.  Thanks, light pollution.


  1. asdf  

    everything about the bwog "renovations" is bad, please change back

  2. Bwog Commenter  

    I hate all change. When I see a quarter on the ground, I projectile vomit all over my skinny jeans.

    • broken hipster o'meter

      i don't get why there's so much hipster-hate on bwog. maybe if we went to nyu, this would be a reasonable amount of venting. but hipsters are like 10% of campus max. and they aren't even that stand-out hipster-y.

  3. Meteors  

    Some meteors were visible around 4 AM when the clouds broke. Very pretty! Unlike the BWOG redesign...

  4. Curl  

    I saw one over Avery, but other than that, it was all just airplanes...

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