Free Food, Free Nostalgia

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disney-walt-peter-pan-and-the-lost-boys-2803006If the imminent finals season makes you long for the carefree days of yore, never fear — student council invites you to come and play four square on Low Plaza tonight at 8:30.  Apparently, there will be LOADS of Dunkin Donuts and hot chocolate FOR FREE.

Help real kids instead of just wishing you were one: Community Impact is hosting Game Night between 8 and 9 in Earl Hall’s Dodge Room.  There will be tasty pies and games galore.

The true free food connoisseurs among us, though, might opt to forgo such sweet treats in favor of a full free dinner served between 6 and 8 in the James Room (on the fourth floor of Barnard Hall).  The free dinner comes with a SGA-moderated discussion on the Diana’s potential impact on the Columbia community, as well as a sneak preview inside.

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