Overheard: Customer Satisfaction

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Overheard in Ferris Booth:

An authoritative-looking woman in a chef’s coat approaches the dessert case.   She is taking inventory and notices a carrot cake from which one slice has been taken.

Chef: “Uh oh, we’re missing a slice of that cake!”
Worker: “No, it’s okay — someone came in here and bought it.”
Chef: “Really? Oh, yay!”


  1. Tristan  

    First comment FTW

  2. Tristan's roommate  

    Hecks Yes!

  3. karen  

    Wait--Ferris Booth still exists??

  4. BWOG

    seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel?

  5. 02er

    Karen -- you must be an older alumna than I am. Ferris Booth Hall was indeed replaced by Lerner Hall some 10 years ago, but they gave the old name for the 2nd floor cafeteria.

  6. alum

    I remember getting a cupcake from Ferris that must have been three weeks old--a tragic use of butter-cream frosting as a preservative.

  7. Don't Get it  

    Why was this funny?


    Guy: The only way to truly do the movie justice would be if it were 11 hours long
    Other Guy: I Know!

  8. ...

    one time i was in blue java butler and somebody bought a pastry or a cake or something. the dude behind the counter rang it up for $3.79 and the guy who bought it pointed out that the sign in the glass case said $2.79. in response, the dude behind the counter promptly reached into the glass case and removed the sign that said $2.79 and said "$3.79"

    i almost died laughing.

  9. drain  

    why are blue collar and administrative employees on and around campus so dumb?
    especially my apartment workers

    • because  

      competent people are smart enough not to want those shitty-ass jobs, and they go get better ones.

      • tkd  

        yes but it's miserable when they can't even perform "menial" duties with competence
        i am an international student and not to sound anti-american but everything in this country is dumbed down, less efficient, and slower than in my home country - administrations, DMV, subway system, police - many of my fellow international friends would agree

        the only thing that's greater here in NY is all the various, random, and irrationally expensive fees, taxes and fines forked over to bloomberg by practically legal extortion

  10. this is  

    why i read bwog. shit's funnnay

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