Student Gov Roundup: The Study Day Fiasco May Never Die

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Picture 1Rather than force you, dear readers, to wade through longish accounts of meetings, gesticulations, and resolutions, we’re condensing our student government wrap-ups into one short, sweet post.

  • CCSC President Sue Yang told the council on Sunday night that efforts are afoot for a “leadership grant,” which would allow students of lower socio-economic statuses to more readily take on student government positions. The council is also working on developing an honorary lecture series (similar in process to the Class Day speakers) only open to undergraduates, after complaints that grad students often get most of the tickets for major events like the World Leaders Forum.
  • University Senator Alex Frouman told CCSC that the Senate Academic Committee will be meeting on December 11th to set the academic calendar for 2015-2025. Before you start thinking that maybe future students will be spared the lamest calendar joke since Y2k, Frouman said that many faculty members are opposed to starting classes before Labor Day, thus making a repeat unfortunately plausible. Sadly, the same faculty members are also unlikely to cover the extra money it costs to fly home on December 23rd.
  • As Spec wrote about last week, GS students have put forward a “self-sign-in system” to increase building access. According to ESC members last night, Housing has rejected the plan, sending the compromise back to the proverbial drawing board.
  • New Dean of Advising Monique Rinere visited ESC’s weekly meeting to talk about her vision for advising. Rinere, who arrives in Morningside via Harvard and Princeton, showed talent for immediately understanding “SEAS vs. CC” stereotypes: when members complained about advisers’ lack of firsthand knowledge about engineering majors, Riniere said the department has difficulty recruiting advisers with science backgrounds, “because scientists can go out into the world and make real money. That’s why we have humanities folks…” With fresh wit like that, she’s welcome in the comment section anytime.



  1. fat old gs lech

    Brian Birkeland, assistant director of housing and accommodation services, promised that GS swipe-in “is an important issue for the administration.”

    For him to poop on.

  2. Date Mistake  

    Dec 13 is not Tuesday, it is Sunday. Tuesday is the 15th, and the Thursday is the 17th. The second set of dates is also mistaken.

  3. cc fan  

    this school is great! I love it and it loves me! I want to give it all my moneys! Go Lions!

  4. Not American

    So you know what this amazing 23 December study day means? I get to fly home on the 26th. Mmm..

  5. 2011

    That they're planning the calendars through 2025 makes me all the more acutely aware of my own mortality.

  6. since when  

    do you have to pay to be on class council? way to waste money

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