Barnard (Finally) Has a Real Commencement Location

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Ancel Plaza

Ancel Plaza (Image via WikiCU)

Strong, beautiful seniors, rejoice!  Last we heard, you were going to graduate out of Levien Gym in Dodge Fitness Center.  Thankfully, the Barnard administration has settled on something decidedly above ground.

The 2010 Barnard commencement will take place on Ancel Plaza in front of SIPA, after which new graduates and their families can continue the celebration on their home turf on Lehman Lawn.

DSpar’s email will be sent to the entire Barnard community shortly.  The full email message is after the jump.

We are pleased to announce that on May 17, 2010, Barnard College’s 118th Commencement ceremony will take place at 2pm on Ancel Plaza, located on Columbia University’s campus between the Law School and the School of International and Public Affairs. Following the ceremony, the Class of 2010 will return to Barnard’s Lehman Lawn for celebrations with friends, family and faculty.

Each student will be allotted 3 tickets, with additional tickets distributed via lottery. Lottery details will be announced in a later email from Dean Denburg. The ceremony will also be simulcast for overflow seating in additional locations.

The decision to hold Commencement on Ancel Plaza was made after thorough consideration of a number of possible venues, both in the neighborhood and around the city, and was based on invaluable input from our seniors regarding their priorities for this special occasion. As I’ve mentioned before, all of the potential venues had some drawbacks, but Ancel Plaza proved to be the best choice for balancing the majority of student concerns.

We thank the members of the Class of 2010 for their collective enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and patience, and look forward to celebrating their spectacular achievements together on May 17.

Debora Spar

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  1. space?  

    Just curious - is there enough space at the IAB plaza for Barnard's 2010 class and families? It sounds like there will need to be a lot of overflow seating ( "additional locations" - plural - is in Spar's statement). Ancel is a pretty small space for a commencement, right?

    • also curious

      I agree, isn't that space really tiny? And will all three guests each graduate is allowed to bring be seated at the plaza or dispersed around campus? Alas, anything is better than an underground graduation!

  2. Aha

    Well, it's still on Columbia's campus but at least those posers will be by themselves.

    • BC  

      Columbia College (the undergraduates) are the least important part of Columbia University so they can just STFU. It's funny - I bet the people who continuously say these stupid things have really low GPAs and don't even take their work seriously, then brag about how prestigious their institution is. It's not prestigious because of you, moron. It's prestigious b/c of the professors and their research. You just fund them. Haha!

      I'm sad I'll be graduating in front of buildings that I have nothing to do with. I would rather graduate on Barnard's campus too.

  3. columbia poser


  4. well gee  

    That sure don't look much like The Diana. Barnard, why the hell do I have to go across the street and get Columbia's hater cooties all over my pretty graduation heels in order to get my diploma? Thanks bunches.

  5. Spelling much?  

    Meantime, "columbia poser," you failed to spell both the word "graduate" and the name of the school that you go to...

  6. haha

    it sucks that barnard is no. 30 in liberal arts colleges
    so it makes sense that they would like to pose and graduate from a considerably more prestigious institution

  7. Please  

    “Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.”

  8. ...

    i don't understand the point of constructing a multimillion dollar vag if they have no intention of commencing within it.

  9. BC09

    So proud to be a Barnard graduate. Columbia was great, but I didn't go to Barnard for the Columbia name. Sorry. I'm very proud to be a Barnard alumna and to have been a part of the Columbia community - and you can't deny that Barnard students contribute significantly to Columbia. Let's just all get along already, geez...

  10. hmm  

    i didn't know so many barnard students read the bwog.

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