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s320x240Ian Kwok’s sobering email to the members of Postcrypt Art Gallery confirms that Postcrypt has indeed been thrown out of their space in the basement of St. Paul’s chapel. Apparently the Office of the University Chaplain has been tightening their policies on chapel spaces for the past year or so, and sometime within the last week Postcrypt made one too many push-pin holes in the gallery wall.

But Postcrypt has only been ejected from the space for the rest of the semester, and will almost surely be reinstated in January. And let’s face it, there are plenty of cool literary societies and off campus joints/people’s apartments willing to take in the homeless artsies.

Don’t worry if you never got around to becoming really cool at Postcrypt Coffeehouse – Coffeehouse is a completely separate organization and they have retained their space in the basement of St.Paul’s. The University Chaplain’s Office could not be reached for comment, but we have Kwok’s email below.

Hey Postcrypt,

As many of you may know, we have been charged with causing damage to the walls of the gallery (in the form of a few nail holes), and have been banned from the chapel for the rest of the semester. The miscommunication in policy was our mistake, and we’ll have to stand by the decision of the Office of the Chaplain, which has been tightening its policy significantly within the last year. As a result, we have decided to postpone CONSUME until next semester.

However, Postcrypt is still alive and well! The secret afterparty will still happen on Friday (location TBA), and we will be curating the Obstacle show in an alternate venue (stay tuned for an official call for artists). This has been a very disappointing setback, but we look forward to returning to our home as a more structured and appreciative organization. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts.



  1. Wow  

    Is the Chaplin's Office sure about this? It couldn't have been Postcrypt putting holes in
    the walls. They don't ever have an art to display.

  2. GoogleMapper  

    Ian Kwok is an idiot. Seems like it would be pretty hard to get kicked out of that place. The coffeehouse sells tons of alcohol to minors and they don't seem to have any problems.

    • actually...

      this year's postcrypt gang isn't doing anything different than it has in past years. rather, its the the chaplin's office that's changed - it has has some new, stricter blood.

      and fyi ian kwok is rad.

  3. Love  

    Ian Kwok! And all his talk about freedom and postmodernism. Sometimes even in the same sentence.

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