A Web-Centric “Hackathon”

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CS Lounge, Computer Science Building

Ever wanted to make a really cool website? Want to join in an open student discussion on the potential future uses of the Internet at Columbia and in the “real world”?

Come join the ADI for their first Hackathon of the year, centered on the Internet.

We will have an opening talk by student and freelance web designer Matt Ward (, presenting a modern approach to web design and his thoughts on the future of the web and how it can affect our daily lives. There will be a basic intro level discussion of how to build a website using simple web technologies (like xHTML, CSS, and JavaScript), ideally pointing you in the right direction to create your own websites.

The talk will be followed with a brief open discussion on the future of the Web and a night of creating web sites and applications that could positively impact the Columbia community. For more about the ADI visit:

What will the Internet help us do in the future? What is Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web? Stop by the CS Lounge at 7pm on Saturday to find out more and learn something new about the power of the Internet.

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