Bwoglines: Humanity I Love You

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facepalmHow to deal with newspaper-related beefs: Take your paper’s website hostage? Or hang up a giant piece of “art” that depicts a rival editor, naked, with a twenty-foot penis on the side of your building? Is that even a question? (TheLocal)

NYU kids find their own James Franco to stalk; lack the subtlety and finesse that our 209-storming co-eds are known for. (NYPost)

The test-prep industry’s new target market is 3-4 year olds. (NYT)

Speaking of tests, students at this college don’t have a swim test, but it still looks like we got off easy. (NPR)

Sex offenses are said to be common on the subway. Take a (newly regulated) pedi-cab instead? (NYT)

NYC opens up swine vaccination clinics, though the porcine pathogen seems to be on its way out. But wait! A scary new form emerges. (WCBS-TV, NYT, SkyNews)

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