Football Tramples Brown

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Photo by Columbia University Athletics

The stereotypical Columbia football season may be one long fall, but this year’s version would be better described as a roller-coaster, and today’s 28-14 victory over Brown ensured that ride ended on a happy note. Senior safety Andy Shalbrack returned an interception 49 yards for a touchdown at the end of the first half, and first-year quarterback Sean Brackett ran and passed for 322 combined yards to give the Lions a comfortable victory.

The win gives the team a 4-6 record overall, and a 3-4 record in the conference, its best record since 2003. Plus, with the positive end to the season, head coach Norries Wilson’s job security looks a lot better than after the embarassing homecoming loss. And who knows, maybe next year that .500 barrier could fall?


  1. the seniors are  

    norries wilson's first recruit class --- it's an indication of good signs for the future.

  2. Natalie spindly  

    Not bad, boys!

  3. colum

    GO LIONS!! Make next season even better! Down with Brown!

  4. Did you even go to the game?  

    Shalbrack didn't have an interception, Adam Mehrer did. On the return he pitched it to Shalbrack who scored. They scored it as an interception return but it wasn't Shalbrack's. Check out the video

  5. correction

    team went 5-5 in 2006. so the best record since 2006.

  6. article

    should state this more clearly.

  7. Lol

    I think it is great they hate on Kwame, who just graduated from Yale Law. real classy Brown.

  8. Melissa Im  


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