TurkeyTaste: Westside Market

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Episode 1 of a series, in which Bwog’s Poultry Pundit David Hu infiltrates the delis of Morningside Heights in search of the perfect Thanksgiving sandwich.


Meal One: Thursday, November 19, 2009. 8:16pm

“Turkey Shoot” from Westside Market

As I sit here staring at the culinary delight in front of me, I am excited for two reasons. Primarily, I am anticipating the exquisite mixture of turkey, cheddar cheese, sweet red pepper, and honey mustard, all heated to perfection, that is about to enter my mouth. Secondarily, but perhaps more importantly, I am looking forward to a weekend of nothing but sandwiches made of turkey, one of my all-time favorite victuals. (Let’s put it this way, when I saw that Sarah Palin video, I salivated.)

As I take my first bite, I am overwhelmed by the taste of turkey but am also surprised by the kick of honey mustard. I only begin to taste the cheese in subsequent bites. As I continue masticating on the beautiful, angelic work of turkey sitting before me, I never get tired of the taste of turkey, and the bits of sweet red pepper sprinkled through the sandwich serve as little surprises to make the meal all the more delightful.

By the time I finish the sandwich, I still have not gotten sick of the taste of turkey. I am satisfactorily full from the sandwich itself, although an accompanying bag of chips may have made a more complete meal. All in all, I was well pleased with this sandwich from West Side and would recommend it as part of a Thanksgiving-themed meal. As I stuff the last chunk of toasted perfection into my mouth, I look forward to the rest of my turkey-filled weekend.

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  1. hmmm...  

    westside has sandwiches? where do you order them?

  2. what  

    is this stupid piece of crap doing on Bwog, and WHERE IS THE BAT BOY REVIEW???

  3. blasphemy  

    Obviously, a Thanksgiving sandwich is turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes on a roll. Not whatever that sandwich is.

  4. Surfin' UWS  

    You order them at the carving station right behind the coffee/scones & muffin area. It's not ostensibly obvious that they make sandwiches for order (like say Milanos but it's there).

    Milano's still wins deli sandwich for me (with WS dominating absolutely everything else) but they're expensive as fuck.

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