Bwoglines: Just Three More Days Until Turkey!

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Turkeys!Suffolk County on Long Island was open for hunting for the first time ever on Saturday, but barely any turkeys showed up. Go figure. (NYT)

Speaking of eating turkeys, although fewer flights mean fewer delays, good luck flying out of the city for Thanksgiving and after exams. (NYP)

Butler Lawns won’t be the only green you can find in uptown anymore–Harlem will soon sport the nation’s first “green” block. (NYDaily)

The reality of the Manhattanville expansion sinks in a little more as pre-construction work begins. (Spec)

Oh, and did you happen to catch the new Vampire Weekend single? (YouTube)

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  1. Dude:  

    Bwog, you are so behind. Spec's had the V-Show cast list up for a few hours now.

  2. Spec's  

    Film Editor is on the Vshow creative team. It's actually surprising Bwog broke the news about the creative team and not spec.

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