1. koko

    that's pretty much the reception I get when I go to pinnacle

  2. ummmm  

    clearly photoshopped

  3. agreed  

    They didn't match the black they used to cover the fingers with the background.

  4. Bwog...  

    It's called the eyedropper tool... use it.

  5. Jon  (Bwog Staff)  

    Not Photoshopped, folks.

  6. real life photoshop

    is also known as black electrical tape.

  7. too smart for your own good

    can't people at this school just enjoy life, just once? stop trying to find all the answers and live a little.

  8. tape  

    it is tape, but that doesn't change the fact that it kind of made my day

  9. also...  

    Someone should send this to the Boston Police.

  10. unoriginal

    someone did the same thing in alphabet city years ago.

  11. Whoa  

    alphabet city! aren't you just sooooo fucking cool?

  12. karen  

    I took this photo in the East Village last April:

    So, clearly, it's a THING.

  13. Haha  

    This totally just made my day.

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