Bwoglines: What You Missed Behind That Turkey

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Thanksgiving...As the campus returns back to life, so does Bwog. Here are some things that you may have missed during your weekend in far away lands:

New York State’s economy is in $3.2 billion worth of trouble, and Governor Paterson is taking $1.6 billion in emergency measures. (1010WINS)

Twitter got more street cred as gangs are now using the service to smack talk each other and organize fights. (NYDaily)

Once again, there’s talk of turning Ferris Booth and JJ’s Place into meal plan cafeterias. (Spec)

Black Friday happened, and although it seemed like shoppers didn’t realize the country was in the midst of a recession, well, they did. (NYT)

But no worries! If you still have money left to spend from the weekend, Cyber Monday is here! (NBCNY)


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  1. Gene

    "returns back" is redundant.

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