See a Flake? Win a Prize!

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It’s almost December, the thermostat is quickly dropping to that 32º mark, and you know what that means. It’s time for Bwog’s Second Annual “First Flake of the Season” contest!

Although no weather services have predicted snow for a while, there is going to be very cold rain this week and next. Bwog has been starved of snow all semester and isn’t going to lose hope for seeing some flakes before the end of the term. History says that we should be nearing freezing temperatures, and besides, we all know how accurate weather predictions can be.

So once again, we’re giving away a prize to the first person who can spot a snowflake on campus. If you see one, let us know where and when with either a post in the comments or an email.

Good luck and happy snowgazing!


  1. What do you call

    it if you pretend to do it in the snow?

    Flakin' it!

  2. november  

    there was a tiny bit of snow up at baker field in november. melted immediately on contact.

  3. Ha!  

    I see a snowflake! Now where's my prize?

    (This contest is administratively impractical, easily corruptible, and lame.)

  4. Anonymous  

    I am also a snowflake. And I am one of a kind.

  5. I saw  

    snow falling briefly downtown over break.

  6. ws  

    The contest is "on campus." Baker Field may be included technically, but I think the spirit of the contest is in seeing one on central campus.

  7. 2150

    can't wait for snow! it's so much less messy than rain!!

  8. Your mother

    is a flake. Do I win?

  9. anonymous  

    uhhh it's supposed to snow on saturday (according to, which is slightly reliable).... just FYI.

  10. yay!  

    It's snowing! I can see it through the windows of Barnard library

  11. KH  

    It's snowing! I can see it from dorm window on 116th.

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