Free Food and that Warm, Fuzzy Feeling?

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Yes, tonight is a night unlike all other nights — it’s the Tree Lighting and Yule Log Ceremonies!  A school event blissfully bereft of refrains of “Roar, Lions, Roar!”, it will feature a capella performances, a chance to see Dean Moody Adams in the flesh, and free hot chocolate and apple cider aplenty.  Moody-Adams has a tough act to follow: with that British accent of his, Dean Quigley was practically Father Christmas himself.  If nothing else, come see how MMA matches up.

Bwog imagines what the trees will look like.

Bwog imagines what the trees will look like.

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  1. Anyone who knows anything about Columbia


  2. haha  

    language please, this is columbia university (not the no. 30 liberal arts college = barnard)

  3. Bored stiff, & cold  

    If it hadn't been for the talented choral singers, the talentless political hack blowhard speakers would have been UTTERLY fucking unbearable. Thanks, golden-throated warblers.

  4. 2150  

    oh no! i got so excited about treelighting that i forgot to go to yule log!!

  5. terrible

    waste of time . . . Someone needs to talk to MMA before this event next time, since she apparently thought it was the perfect occasion to give a loooong, stilted, and utterly PC speech about the universal significance of "light". I mean come on . . .

  6. ...  

    I miss Quigley. He used to make the cold and the shortage of hot chocolate/cider totally worth it...

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