Smoking Survey Starting Soon, and After-Hours Caffeine in Butler

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The latest Student Gov Roundup, with all-new stories about your favorite addictive substances:

  • Sources tell Bwog that the Tobacco Workgroup has finally received consent from all of the Morningside schools to survey students about the smoking ban. The survey should go out within the week.
  • In other initiative news, the undergraduate councils are finishing compiling the results of the Campus Space Survey, and CCSC president Sue Yang says they hope to have a resolution for the proposed Broadway and Schapiro student spaceds “by the end of the semester.”
  • Late-night Butler denizens rejoice: the library will be installing vending machines with caffeinated drinks starting next semester, so that you don’t need to sprint to Blue Java at 11:55. The chosen drinks are not yet known, but Bwog’s still holding out hope for some Powerthirst.
  • Next week, new advising head honcho Monique Rinere visits CCSC, while Debora Spar joins SGA.


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