And You Thought Fox News Stereotypes Were Bad

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This is supposed to be Columbia.

This is supposed to be Columbia.

When visiting a new city/part of town, it’s always a good idea to know the stereotypes (true and untrue) and local hangouts, so you can fit in all the easier. “NYC nightlife and social news” website Guest of a Guest has decided to give its readers “The “Truth” About Columbia, NYU, and Other NYC Colleges.” Strap in for some knowledge.

The author, Mathias Rozenwieg (NYU ’13, though he can’t even get his own school’s stereotypes right) claims that Columbians “are safely labeled the Rich Nerds.” So far, so general. But the train begins to go off the tracks when he writes that a trip “feels like walking into a J-Crew catalogue with slightly less attractive, stressed out models,” which anyone who’s ever visited Butler will tell you is being more than generous.

The strangeness continues: Rozenwieg says “these smarties let loose at Bar 1020 for beer on tap, La Negrita for live music, the Dead Poet for some quiet drinking, or Jake’s Dilemma, filled with your usual assortment of drunk girls and guys.” If you haven’t heard of those last two establishments, they’re in the low 80s on Amsterdam, and one non-Columbia student seems to think they’re part of the Columbia party scene. The clothing stereotype is rather surprising as well: “Abercrombie & Fitch, J-Crew, and lots and lots of sweats.” There you have it, dear readers: according to the Internet, Columbia is just a WASPy New Jersey high school. Sorry to disappoint.

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  1. ???  

    The Dead Poet? Quiet?!

  2. lol  

    why is some naive nyu freshman writing about other schools much less his own school?

  3. No

    The J. Crew catalog didn't have chubby women wearing ill fitting tunics, Uggs and leggings as pants in it the last time I checked.

  4. wtf

    Except for maybe athletes, Columbia does NOT do sweatpants. I would never attend a school with such pedestrian fashion choices.

  5. Wow  

    I am such a stereotype. Spot on!

  6. agree  

    our school is definitely guys: jeans and V or shirt, girls: flannel, jeans, or frilly blouse. scarves usually involved. classy sneaks or flats. very little audacity, however, in color palate, which could be viewed as j crew-y compared to NYU's neon tracksuits and gold-plated leggings with 45-year old beer gut blouse.

    but clearly we disagree more when it comes to uggs. i wouldn't put that past cornell, but really, us??? belch.

  7. well  

    to be fair i guess most things in GOAG are wrong. so we shouldn't hate on the little one from NYU trying to make it in the harsh world.

  8. harvard...  

    omg! wtf! that video is money.

  9. @lol

    that harvard quidditch team is practically all girls who look like they are in need of a boyfriend. sad for sure, but i see an opportunity.

  10. oh my dear god  

    what a bunch of nerds! i almost just died laughing.

  11. C'09

    Sweatpants? In Morningside? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm self-conscious the few times I even walk to the gym in athletic shorts. It isn't Providence, Ann Arbor, or, God help me, Ithaca.

  12. UGH UGGS

    NO ONE LOOKS GOOD IN UGGS. It looks like you forgot to remove the feet part of some sort of mascot costume.


    Excellent. Uggs have to be the ugliest things on the face of the earth. a

  14. Wondering

    If I think this entire discussion is puerile, does that make me an elitist?

  15. Anonymous

    a lot of Columbia students do actually hang out at Jake's Dilemma. Last time I was there, I saw 4 distinct groups of Columbians.

  16. ?  

    "As far as the student asthetic goes I would say most people look overly bookish and academic. I would have written something along the lines of,

    “At Columbia the competition is so high that if you can’t BE smarter than the next person you can LOOK smarter than the next person (large glasses, tweed, skinny jeans, argyle…)”"

    Columbia is the third floor of Butler?

  17. well

    Rich Nerds? Really? That's news to me.

    As a rule, first semester freshmen should not be allowed to comment authoritatively about college life, let alone compare schools.

    PS- enjoy your trust fund purchased vastly overrated degree mill diploma.

  18. are....  

    skinny jeans indicative of intelligence?

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