Bwoglines: Meddlesome Bureaucrats

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House IIThe USenate committee confidentiality proposal will be debated this Friday.  PrezBo will weigh in.

The city hates your metal gates.  Except those like the ones over dorm windows.

Xavier Sala-i-Martin does not have a tailor in the US.  Nor can you buy his jackets.

Surprise! Cab drivers don’t care about bicyclists.

More evidence in the Yale murder case.

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  1. I  

    great guy, great great guy

  2. I thought that  

    the US Senate news was important until I realized XAVIER(!)showed up.

    350 jackets!?!??

  3. important question  

    what is your favorite xavier jacket?
    I say fuschia, but the one in the interview picture is kindof fabulous

  4. clearly  

    the only thing prettier than xavier's jacket is the pink Helvidius journal

  5. oh xavier  

    I love that he began economics by asking who was the richest guy in his family.

  6. I think  

    it's about time Xavier was featured in Men's Vogue, if not for his sense of style, then for simply being the man.

  7. Abigail Mandelbaum

    love this news on sali-i-martin!

  8. Xavier

    It's always refreshing to see somebody who's passionate about what he does, even if it that includes saving the world and running a football club.

    ...And the leopard jacket is BY FAR the best one!

  9. I love xavier  

    Can someone please make this man president already
    favorite jacket = black with chinese characters

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