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Picture 4To complete the “Campus Tobacco Student Poll,” which went out to pre-selected students’ inboxes earlier this evening. An informal and shockingly unscientific poll of Blue and White/Bwog staffers leads us to guesstimate that if you didn’t get an invite, you probably know several people who did (unless you really don’t get out that much).

The questions are rather straightforward:

1. Do you support or oppose plans for a complete smoking ban on the Morningside Campus?
2. On a scale from 1 to 10, how important is this issue (banning smoking on campus) to you?
3. Have you smoked on one or more days in the last month?
4. What is your gender?
5. To which school are you principally affiliated?

The only security precaution: respondents are required to put in their UNI at the end. If you weren’t selected this time, don’t give up: the work group will continue sending out emails until a statistically suitable number of students respond.


  1. answers  

    1. Only a ban on purely tobacco-filled cigarettes.
    2. 420
    3. Hey hey hey hey, smoke weed every day.
    4. The male plant doesn't get you high
    5. Botany Department

  2. fads

    dislike smokers, especially gs kids, who dont deserve to be here



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