Bwoglines: Things that (Apparently) Suck

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Plan_nine_from_outer_spaceUnderperforming public schools—Bloomberg’s on the case.

Natural History Museums that don’t grant PhDs in comparative biology—but Manhattan doesn’t have one of those anymore.

Anything involving the New Jersey Nets—literally, anything.

Being Hofstra and having a football team… wait, really?

Drinking your alcohol.

UPDATE: A commenter has notified us of a Columbia-related news item – James Franco defends the artistic value of his upcoming performance in General Hospital.  At least someone’s been productive in Butler 209.

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  1. The Messenger  

    I just want to say that the PhD's at AMNH appreciate your recognition, but will backhand you bitches if you ever dare to make eye contact.

    They might even write a paper that respectfully disagrees with your thesis. Otherwise known as the "Academic Curb-Stomp".

  2. skeptical  

    That drinking pill is extremely dubious. I can't find any record of it except Pravda in english, no papers in science journals

  3. His article

    is poorly written and lacks originality.

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