QuickFed: The Discontent Edition

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As the last autumn of the decade comes to a close, celebrate the season’s bounty with the November issue of The Fed.  It’ll be nice and alternative.

The MLB is all kinds of wacky!

What do Socrates, St. Augustine, and Sigmund Freud have in common?  They’re all featured prominently in the CC curriculum.

Writing a good essay is as easy as—well, writing a bad essay, if you know a little Latin.

TV shows are arguably nothing without their spinoff series.

And here’s a little something from under King Solomon’s ancient mattress.


  1. anon  

    I got this issue of the Fed a while ago. What's taking you so long Bwog?

  2. question  

    where does this photograph actually come from? why would such a sign exist that prohibited seagulls?

  3. karen  

    Pierre Bayard beat the Fed's bullshit artist to the punch:

    Or so I've heard. I haven't actually read the book yet.

  4. lol  

    jesus christ fed sucks so hard.

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