Strange Smell in Milstein (Not a Student)

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Tipster Lauren Weiss informs us that there’s an odd odor permeating room 303a in Butler’s Milstein Reading Room.  That smaller room has been vacated but the main room is full of people, who seemed unperturbed when Bwog went to investigate.


Public Safety assured Bwog that there is no gas leak.  Two NYPD officers and Butler personnel are currently looking around.  Weiss writes, “Current hypotheses from facilities include dead animal in system and burning plastic. Current method of investigation involves walking around smelling the alcoves and saying ‘It smells here.'”


  1. thatsfunny  

    is bwog saying that a) students smell bad in butler or b)there's a strange smell...inside josh milstein? or both

  2. you  

    know what smells? That big reading room on the 4th(?) floor. The one that is on the south side and runs for almost the entire length of the building. It smells like rotten mac and cheese on the side closer to John Jay.

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