Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

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…but the fire is so delightful.


Congratulations to Brian Bené and Mark Stothers for tipping us off about the first flakes of the season. Sure, it’s mostly just rain, but as you settle down for a long winter’s nap in your Butler carrel, let these few flurries remind you that the end is in sight!

Photo by Mark Stothers



  1. welll  

    I see about 0 snow flakes in this photo.

  2. Anonymous  

    Im in an empty Hamilton classroom studying with the thermostat on. It's toasty, there's warm lighting, and wooden furniture. About to pop in "Love actually" for a break.

    About as close to christmas as you can get around here. If someone could deliver me a slice of Red Velvet from Westside I'd be set.

  3. Foosball

    Ha ha! We have snow in Virginia!


    The 23rd is so fucking far away!

  5. Harmony Hunter  

    How am I supposed to find Harmony if its snowing? I can't even see now!

  6. Kimbo

    What did those two fools win?

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