Bwoglines: Now Gender-Neutral

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Photo: New York Post

Photo: New York Post

The Post will not stand idly by while we crazy college kids “live in sin!” (NYPost)

But at least your gender-neutral room is bigger than this apartment. (NYPost)

Harry Potter dominates college tour rhetoric, frustrates really serious about college–you know, like, academically–high schoolers. (NYTimes)

Really new media takes the lead on Tiger Woods: video game news! (NYTimes)

And New Jersey doesn’t care much for “Jersey Shore,” the new and totally unfair! MTV series. (NYT ArtsBeat)

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  1. Liz  

    Bwog, are we going to get Butler camping pics? It's become a tradition!

  2. Weird  

    What a weird bit of sexism by that mother they interviewed for the Post article. "If it had been our daughter we would have turned around and walked right out." But her son using a co-ed bathroom, that's probably ok.

  3. Wow that would suck  

    to have your parents quoted in that article: "We would march our little Michael right out of that godless school if he participated in such an abomination!"

  4. News Flash!  

    College students are already living in sin! We're just trying to make it more comfortable for them!

    The Evil Godless Heathens

  5. Alum '08

    Finally, a Fox News appearance that Chris Kulawik made on gender-blind housing in Fall 2006 becomes relevant!

  6. Wannabe Heathen  

    Now that Columbia's intentions are out in the open, can the administration please be consistent in it's "let them live in sin" policy, and get my roommate another room, so that I can, you know, live, in sin, with my fellow sinner(s).

  7. that's okay  

    because some something tells me Michael Hannon wouldn't be taking advantage of the policy anyway.....

  8. Chris Kulawik  

    Just looked up what he is doing now, how the hell was he elected as editor of the Harvard Law Review?

  9. anonymous  

    the girl who is bitching about colleges advertising their "harry potter-ness" is whiny. She's a published editorialist in the New York Times. stfu and goto harvard already

    • true dat  

      Writing a page in the Times, no matter how fluffy and irrelevant, is like the Golden Ticket to college, or to piss Ms. Columnist off: it's like Hagrid coming to the Dursley's miserable little seaside cottage to cart you off to Hogwarts. Good thing our students right about stuff that matters when the Times gives them a chance (looking at you Learned)

  10. hey  

    Bwog! Didn't you say you were going to bring the tracking button back? How can I know if it's a troll or if a lot of people actually don't like this kid? huh?

    Bring back the tracking button!!!

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