Columbia’s Shortest-Lived Protest

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Quick, if you blink, you might miss it! Or actually, you probably did. At 1:40pm, Bwog’s Eliza Shapiro tipped us that about ten people were at the Sundial protesting for “Solidarity with Iran.” By 1:50pm, it was reduced to five:


And by 1:55pm, the ghost of 1968 had left us, and the group was confirmed to have disappeared.

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  1. not true  

    I saw them there as I walked to class at about 12:50. But nice try.

  2. anonymous  

    they were there around 1pm when i walked by. still pitiful...

    So, exactly what are they protesting? They want us to support the government of Iran? I thought the cool thing to do was to support Mousavi or whoever really won the election.

  3. anybody who  

    walked by know what they were actually advocating for? "solidarity with iran" doesn't say much

    • green  

      solidarity with Iran refers to solidarity with the protesters active during June after the rigged elections (and still active in fact). They are mainly, but not all, Mousavi supporters - if you ever see green, it's Mousavi's color - but generally are opposed to the current illegitimate regime.

  4. Recent protests  

    It wasn't in BwogLines, so you might not have seen it:

    To give them credit, that was a pretty fast response time from protest to solidarity.

  5. I passed by  

    at around 12:55, but I didn't see them. I guess they were too small to be noticed.

  6. Big Man on Campus

    Way to change the world you young, upper middle class guilt-stricken slackers! :)

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