On the Horizon: Meal Plan Changes

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johnjayBig changes could be on the way next year for how Columbia students do on-campus dining, especially for those on meal plans. According to student government sources, to meet student desire for greater flexibility in their dining plans and to encourage healthier eating habits, meal plans will be shifting from the current meals-per-semester system to a meals-per-week system. Furthermore, instead of the current lunch-and-dinner-only setup, there will be four different meal times: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after dinner. The exact times of those four meals, and the amount of meals available per week, are still being settled.

In addition, Ferris Booth and JJ’s Place will now be incorporated into the meal plan, with Ferris Booth joining John Jay as an all-you-can-eat location. The changes will only apply to meal plans, with upperclassmen continuing to have the option of dropping the meal plan entirely, though they can of course choose the meals-per-week plan if they wish.

Finally, Dining will bow to convenience and also start accepting credit cards next semester at all locations.

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  1. Upperclassman  

    Goodbye, dining dollars!

    But wait, can we still pay for individual items, the way we can now at Ferris Booth and JJ's Place?

  2. yeah,  

    well it's about freakin time....7 semesters too late. what kind of dining hall doesn't serve breakfast?

  3. please?

    any chance this will go into effect next semester? there is NOTHING worse than the required freshmen meal plan ... watching my money go towards john jay rather than the millions of other delicious restaurants / grocery stores i would chose?

  4. anonymous  

    sounds like a great improvement.

  5. when  

    When will this all go into effect??

  6. Freshman  

    Ummm... this is the most wonderful thing ever, and it needs to happen next semester, even though I know it won't. Ferris Booth actually counting as meals rather than dining dollars is the *only* reason I will have a meal plan next year. Whoever brought this about deserves a crown of laurels and a week's supply of adoring worshipers. The only downsides are that Ferris Booth will be even more crowded (yay unintended consequences!), and that it didn't happen before I got here.

  7. Fantastic  

    This sounds great, and while the Columbia meal plan vastly improves, Barnard decides to start requiring all students to purchase a meal plan.

  8. Hope?  

    Will we also see better food, or is this just a more convenient way to eat eggs that come from a carton?

  9. Um  

    You all realize this means quality compromises at FBC, right?

  10. Anonymous  

    Hah...their attempts to make Columbia students eat healthier includes putting JJ's on the mealplan?!

  11. Wait...?  

    I don't get something here.... Will there still be Dining Dollars offered???

  12. What I'm worried about  

    What I'm worried about is the issue of using Ferris Booth (and especially JJ's Place) in the same way that we do now. Cuz I don't know what it's gonna look like. Somehow I feel like this might be a "devil you know" kind of situation.

  13. bc2012  

    Hey Bwog, can you look into the changes to the Barnard meal plan? As a vegetarian and avid cook, I am horrified by the thought of a require meal plan. D:

  14. cc 10  

    so if i went to a columbia a year later, i could have been living with a guy eating prepaid afterdinner? damn you, columbia.

  15. So basically  

    Columbia is awkwardly throwing me in rooms with girls and making me eat more chicken.


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