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AwaazThe newest edition of Awaaz: The Voice of South Asia is available as an online PDF, and we hit the highlights.

South Asians are not all IT specialists or medical professionals. (p.10 – p.14)

Just look at Kal Penn, working for Obama! (p.38 – p.39)

The city of Dharamsala could give India an upper hand in their dealings with China. (p.15 – p.20)

For East Bengal women, economic freedom leads to more freedom. (p.24 – p.29)

Follow one grad student’s journey to educate Nepalese children. (p. 36 – p.37)

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  1. Varun  

    so very proud of you guys for making Awaaz truly amazing!

  2. Sonya  

    i agree with varun! yaaay Awaaz!

  3. woah  

    The article on the model minority myth was amazing..

  4. Throat of South Asia  

    I am so glad that I house your voice box, Awaaz. You do me proud!

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