Gender Neutral Housing Scare Sweeps Local News

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News crews hit campus this week, excited over the biggest thing to hit Columbia since Ahmadinejad.  Bwog has brought together four videos from the online feeding frenzy for your viewing pleasure.

WPIX found a neighborhood resident who couldn’t even bring herself to say the word “sex.”

WABC got dating advice from James Lenzi, the owner of “on-campus” restaurant Haakon’s Hall.

WCBS consulted a clinical psychologist with a penchant for incorrect diagnoses.

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

AP interviewed every “Parent” they could find on Broadway and 116th — even the ones who send their kids to UChicago.


  1. jjx

    The special "parent" in the last clip is Professor of Psychology E. Tory Higgins, of Schermerhorn bulletin board fame. That man funded my undergraduate career, 4 to 7 dollars at a time.

  2. ...  

    I really don't see why this is such a big deal... barely anyone I know has even heard about this, and the ones that have don't think it's an issue.

  3. anonymous  

    why the fuck do people care what we do here? Do they know how we live in closets over in John Jay? Or about the outrageous price of John Jay food? No. They just want to make sure that a gay guy can't live with a friend. Good thinking..

    • Why not?  

      Because people love salacious gossip, that's why. Because people are annoying prigs, hypocrites, and fuckwits who love to gossip.

      Oh, yeah... and years of pretending to "care about the community," alongside the current attempted Manhattanville land grab, have not gone unnoticed. The chickens have come home to roost. Can't be a community of sanctimonious meddlers and be expected to be left alone by the townies, now, can you?

  4. Anonymous  

    I'm not really against this, but I don't think it's a great idea. I foresee a lot of couples trying to live together, ending up hating each other, and still being stuck there. Of course, that's their problem if that happens. But also, don't we have like ten million other problems with housing that need to be addressed??

    • "You forsee"  

      Well dang, why didn't they ask you to begin with? I'll be no one even thought of this!

      We don't need to be treating people like children. Some people may be dumb enough to "shack up" with their partner in an unstable relationship, but lots already do regardless: homosexual couples are currently allowed to and plenty of straight couples do illegal housing swaps.

    • Nuriel Moghavem

      this is, in my opinion, the only legitimate argument against GNH. But at the end of the day, that's housing's problem, as all the extra room-switch requests will just mean more work for them. Housing supports the plan nonetheless; that, i think, renders this argument irrelevant.

  5. the news  

    I am so frustrated with the patronizing tone these news segments take towards the issue. "SURPRISINGLY" parents weren't shocked by the issue. They portray us as foolish toddlers whose koooooky ideas are not the stuff of "adult" decisions. This is a load of horse poop -- what the hell does the general new york population have to say about our housing decisions?

    I resent being treated like a child, basically.

  6. i love  

    Higgins! He seemed to think it was such a joke they were even asking him if he "approved!"

  7. ws  

    The best part was when they talked about \boys and girls\ living together.

  8. 123  

    First off, this isn't even a controversial issue on campus, considering most people don't know or care about this, much like most CCSC proposals.

    Secondly, I know gay couples that live together because of the current policy, and things get sticky (no pun intended) when they break up.

    Lastly, it was funny to see that the only ones against this policy were people who don't actually attend Columbia. Who cares what a restaurant owner and morton williams employee think?

    • well  

      it's because they're trying to support their point that it's a 'hot-button issue' when it's really not.

      Honestly, the only people who really care are the LGBTQ students for whom the policy was even created. Straight couples? Always have been able to have sex and always will. Their neighbors? Always have been able to hear them having sex and always will.

  9. Did you notice?  

    WPIX 11 was talking about "Columiba". Maybe that's why they got it all wrong.

  10. Unrelated  

    Hey, look there's a little string of festive seasonal lights on the "B" in Bwog!

  11. all i got from this  

    was that the councils dont do anything except pass a resolution to ask the people who actually have power to do stuff.

  12. UGH  

    local news. How could you actually fail to mention the reason for the policy proposal in your coverage of it?

  13. fads  

    emily cherenack goes to barnard, why was she interviewed?

  14. Anonymous  

    Felicia Astorino goes to FIT, why was she interviewed?

  15. Anti-gender binary  

    I find the current system conducive to my lifestyle, even though I disagree with the heteronormative boy-girl binary. Single housing is a fantastic option for those who are in boy-hand or girl-machine relationships.

  16. So  

    what exactly does "Sade Ruffin" mean that there are "still certain behaviors you don't what to condone as a university?" What, men and women living together? Homosexuality?

  17. great

    i finally got to see what e. tory higgins looks like. where does that guy get the time to run all those experiments?

    also, not having gender neutral housing was decidedly antiquated. it was about time.

  18. uuughhhhh  

    Bwog, are you seriously not going to delete this comment?!?!

  19. like  

    everyone else (all 200 of us) that actually know, and care, that this is happening, I fail to see why the rest of New York would care about this. How does this affect a restaurant owner and a random lady that can't actually say "sex"? It doesn't. If parents don't want their kids partaking in that, they could just threaten to cut off their funds. Problem solved.
    Sheesh. People are having sex already, and they will continue to do so. You don't need to live in the same room to do that.

  20. ...  

    why does no one ever mention that they're not forcing us to have a roommate of the opposite gender? they're just giving us the option.
    I, for one, wouldn't do it, but what do I care what other people do? Gay/lesbian couples can already live together, and I already have to listen to my neighbor having sex, so...

  21. Alum

    The comment at 5:51 seems delete-worthy to me.

  22. fads

    gender neutral housing disrupts the integrity of Columbia University we need to fight integrity

  23. blah

    Apparently, its OK for NYU to have gender neutral housing, but its considered a radical idea for Columbia to have the same thing.

  24. Panic!  

    The Boys and Girls! They're Having! Sex!

    Next thing you know, the kindergartners will be fisting!

  25. Anonymous  

    The prudery of America is endlessly entertaining.

  26. Well, you have to give them credit....  

    they got what they wanted from us: a response.

  27. anonymous  


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