SGB Updates List of Approved Student Groups

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RPSThe gods have spoken, and in its new list of recognized on-campus groups, SGB has smiled on seven and frowned on one.  Apparently, Circle K — in addition to boasting a name remarkably similar to both a Kellogg’s cereal product and street slang for the drug ketamine — is the college edition of Kiwanis International.


  • Campus Media Watch
  • Columbia CatarACT
  • Columbia Net Impact
  • Edmund Burke Society
  • FEED
  • FeelGood CU
  • Youth for Debate

Not Recognized:

  • Circle K

Note: FEED and FeelGood CU previously existed under the Hunger Umbrella, but are now recognized as two separate groups.


  1. err  

    "Circle K" sounds nothing like "Special K"...

  2. I was thinking ...  

    more along the lines of Bill and Ted's excellent adventure: Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
    ... you know, like the convenience store.
    wholesome and cultural references, guys. c'mon.

  3. so...  

    the SGB hates community service?

    • Beezly Kiernan  

      No, we like community service. The rationale behind recommending against recognition for Circle K was that the group's mission was too similar to that of Rotaract, a pre-existing SGB group. Similarity to another group is one of the most important factors SGB takes into account when deciding whether or not to recommend a new club.

      That being said, several of us on SGB think that Circle K is a really promising club and deserves to be recognized. But alas...

      Also, a note: the gods who decided which groups gain recognition were representatives from all SGB groups who gathered at our Town Hall yesterday. The SGB board only makes recommendations--SGB groups vote on actual recognition.

  4. what  

    is the edmund burke society? has lauren salz arisen from the proverbial grave?

  5. Wooo!  

    YOUTH FOR DEBATE!!! Congrats!

  6. Congrats!  


  7. Clarification  

    SGB representatives need a 2/3 majority vote to overrule the "recommendations" of the SGB board. It's more like a veto than any type of recommendation. Can you release the vote totals?

  8. huh?  

    Recommendation? 2/3 vote is huge! Governing boards make it 2/3 so that no one actually overturns their "recommendation" or rather, as previously commented, "vetoes their mandate." Circle K got 40% vote! Having swayed two-fifths of the Town Hall, Circle K obviously stands a chance at filling a space on the Columbia campus! Given that their budget is zero, and all the SGB has to do is sign off okay from Columbia...what purpose is there to saying no to an additional service club, that Columbia can brag and say they have "over 300 clubs" at zero cost to them! And a sight at the clubs that were approved, that DID require a

  9. community service?

    I love how a community service club wasn't recognized yet the Edmund Burke Society was...? There's something seriously wrong with that considering one actually helps people while the other sits around debating bullshit. That's what CC is for.

  10. wow

    wow youth for debate sounds amazing!

  11. Anonymous


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