1. hmm  

    is it really snowing?? it looks just like rain from my window, but my brain is tired.

  2. Anonymous  

    fantastic pic bwog

  3. oh  

    oh fuck i knew SIPA being open til 4 would somehow backfire...

  4. CC 11  

    definitely snowing, look under a streetlight. it melts before it hits the ground.

  5. I think  

    It's a wintry mix

  6. snow  

    it's sticking on cars! go throw snowballs!

  7. Wow  

    This photo made my night. Thanks, Bwog!

  8. Fa la la la la  

    This picture + restaurants' holiday paper products + BWOG decorated in lights + college walk - finals = love

  9. far away

    i am an alum, living in israel now, and i miss snow! and walking out from a late night at butler into a beautiful, white world. enjoy, columbians!

  10. Ozymandias  

    was a much cooler snowman

  11. Anonymous  

    It's a streetlight.

  12. That  

    snowman is a work of art. Love it.

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