1. 2014er hopefullyyyy ;)  

    can't wait u guysssss!!!!!! hope all my upper west siders and UES crewwwww gets in! 5PM cross ur fingers!

  2. congratulations  

    your life is f*cked!

  3. Dear 2014's,  

    Congratulations! Now, get ready for the 5 stages of Columbia:

    1) Enthusiasm
    2) Frustration
    3) Disillusionment
    4) Resignation
    5) Estrangement

    Enjoy the next four years!

  4. confused  

    people read bwog who don't go here?

  5. 2015(hopefully)

    Yep. I've been reading this site since I was a freshman.

    • get  

      a life...

      you are what--16----again, get a life.

      • senior  

        alright, ease up coolio ('re what, 18-23?) - let the kid fall in love with this place in whatever way he/she wants.

        2015er, the ballpark of what the guy above me is trying to say in his own dickish way, is to make some time to enjoy high school amidst your college-fantasizing/studying. college can be great, but hs doesn't just need to be a means to getting to your dream school... plus if you get away from the books for a bit you can get a little practice in for all of the sex, drugs, and, of course, rock and roll that you'll be enjoying in college (... amidst a shit-ton of studying). And by taking some chances now, you'll be way ahead of the social curve at a nerdy school like ours (again, set pretty low by people like the aforementioned prick)

        • 2015(hopefully)

          Eh, no worries. I have a life. I just have a deep respect for the school and I want to get as much info as I can. Thanks for the advice. At least you weren't being a rude little prick. Its much appreciated.

  6. 2014er!!!  

    does anyone here like animal collective? I can't wait to see some sick shows in the city finally... no one back home likes my music and even if they did i wouldn't be able to see anything

    • 2014 hipster hahah  


      have you ever read pitchfork? that shit is sick!

      gonna be in brooklyn alllllllll the time! haha


    • I dont know what you guys are all talking about, but I can't wait to come to Columbia and see Old Men! finally some sick shows! I hear they're getting pretty huge today (they're no Liturgy, though) and regular non-metal folk go to their frat shows, but dang, no one back home likes my noise. DGAF mom and dad!

      I heard they're playing at ding dong lounge tonight, gonna be in there alllllllll the time!

      a/s/l guys? d/t/f?

  7. wowww  

    this is a perfect description!

  8. So enthusiastic! They don't even know! They're reading bwog and they're 15! They can't wait to "see some sick shows." Was anyone ever so young and innocent?

    Soon you will read bwog only when you have a 15 page paper due in the morning. Fifty percent of the people you meet on campus will probably be judgmental jerks who think they're better/smarter/more successful than you. You will never be able to work as hard as the machine who naps in place during a 20-hour work session in which she complete two 35-page papers. Or the Rhoades scholar who deworms Somalian orphans while curing cancer and publishing "Tapping a Vermont Maple on a Cold Winter Morning." Columbia will take all your money and your self worth. Then you will spend a year being an unpaid intern with your worthless liberal arts degree before begging Columbia to take you back for grad school.

    But, it is better than high school.

  9. cc11  

    These kids make me feel old and jaded...

    Also, why can't they enjoy their high school teenage freedom and are instead reading this? God knows, if I had consistently read Bwog before applying here, I would have thought it was a depressing hellhole (which it can be).

  10. pretty sure  

    pretty sure there are no actual 2014ers in this thread, just a bunch of sexually depraved bored at butler refugees.

  11. yeah  

    they have to be trolls.

  12. I'm a 2014er.

    I've been reading this site since last year. And it DOES make Columbia seem like a depressing hellhole.

    But that's exactly why I applied! And I'm happy to be joining you cynical jerks next year. :) As my grandfather in China said to me on the phone today, "Where thar is wheel, thar is weigh!!"


  13. Dear Newbies


    You will love it here....get excited!

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