CC/SEAS 2014 Nine States Short For Now

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After yesterday’s celebratory sendoff, the Admissions Department put out stats for the early decision round of applications for CC/SEAS 2014. According to a statement from Admissions Director Jessica Marinaccio, applications for early decision increased by only 2%, to 2995; only 631 were accepted, for an admit rate of 21%.

As for geographical diversity, “the CC and SEAS class includes students from 41 states including Alabama, Hawaii, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, and South Carolina as well as some of our major market areas (New York metro area, California, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland and Illinois).” Students from 25 other countries were also accepted, including “Bahrain, Belarus, Ethiopia, Greece, Jordan and Vietnam.” Our only request for the new Columbians: start suffering from senioritis as soon as you can acquire it.


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  1. I had no idea  

    that there was an actual Wikipedia page for senioritis. Next step: AMA.

  2. Hah  

    do we know which nine states?

  3. for real

    What about the District of Columbia? You need some students from the future New Columbia* at Columbia.

    *yes I know it will never happen.

  4. Diane

    My daughter was deferred on ED. Do you have any stats as to how often a deferred student is later accepted?

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