1. bwahaha  

    can't you just imagine them?

    (As they search the dingy dorm room)
    "Aw man, where is it?"
    "Wait! Wait, I found it."
    "Sweet dude, hand it over"
    "....there's no more tape left."

    (Bros look at each other in disbelief)

    "Fuck it. Let's just throw them out of the elevator."

  2. I  

    always liked that floor design in Carman

  3. aww...  

    it's kind of adorable how ditsy they are, dontcha think?

  4. ?  

    what type of connotation does delta sig have--I am not very frat fluent?

  5. they're so

    Cool. love the brothers. not arrogant at all. perhaps pretentious, and some definitely loaded, but not everyone in it is a Kennedy.

  6. lol

    haha. what "a milstein"? seriously dude what planet are u from? all that aside, milstein is my boy. he's a good guy

  7. Harmony Hunter  

    did they flyer in harmony? and if so where is harmony?

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