Bwoglines: Strategies and Tactics

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Shoot04_r3Can’t get enough of this here recession? Take a class about it. (NYT)

Columbia prof dons a head scarf and weighs in on Iranian student leader arrest. (NYT)

Tiger Woods pulls the great escape that we all wish we could pull this time of year. (ESPN)

MTA gears up for “doomsday mode” lite, 1-riding Columbians emerge unscathed. (NYDN)

Been wondering why there aren’t ads for dairy products on the side of your Facebook? Yeah, us neither. (AP)

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  1. frustrated with the subways  

    The transit unions are going to have to let go a bit. Can't they see that the MTA is getting pinched?

  2. the least

    you could have done is make a real post on professor dabashi. after making a full post on the nypost article. way to redeem him, bwog.

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