1. Phil Fletcher's  

    radiator broke on the 7th floor.

  2. hmm  

    not to take away from the sheer terrible nature of this disaster (terrible! disaster! the horror!), but..bwog, you should do your yearly PSA for carsplit.

  3. Phuck  

    Phil Fletcher's radiator

  4. just wanted to note  

    that it is not poor Phil Fletcher's fault that the shitty thing broke.

    well at least it's not raining out or anything... uhh wait...

  5. jj7  

    it wasn't phil fletcher's radiator. and for the record, phil fletcher succeeded in creating a slip and slide in our hallway.

  6. JJ7  

    slip and side was awesome

    flooding, not so much.

  7. jj5 05-06  

    just another reminder that i do not miss that smelly hellhole one bit.

  8. anonymous  

    i don't get why all that shit is in the hallway. Did it flood in people's rooms too?

  9. JJ7  

    the water heater exploded and we moved the resident's things into the hallway or else it would've all been ruined. it started to seep into nearby rooms, so we barricaded their doors with towels. the huge towel dam was to prevent it from going any further.

  10. Aron  

    Isn't the water in the radiator hot? Did someone get burned?

  11. jj7  

    no, the resident wasn't burned. the water was spewing downward, not upward, but she was very lucky because she was asleep when it happened.

    • Aron  

      Wow, I feel bad about laughing now. I defiantly shouldn't have taken those pictures.

      What about the damage report, what was lost. will the school cover lost items?

      • jj7  

        haha yes you "defiantly" shouldn't have taken those pictures.

        most of her stuff was okay, we got it out in time. but i am sure that housing will cover the damage; they generally have when this type of situation has happened in the past.

        • Aron  

          Good to hear that. Sorry about the spelling fail.

          You know, this makes up for [email protected] being down.

        • news.  

          they will not. in the guide to living it states that columbia is not liable for damage to your stuff (water damage, etc.). however, her parent's homeowner's insurance (hopefully they have some...) should cover it.

  12. divine retribution  

    god was unhappy with floors 5-7 and decided to start over
    it's because they keep using the elevator

  13. JJ7  

    7 is qualified to use the elevator. And nothing even happened to 5-6.

  14. anonymous  

    7 may use the elevators, but I retain the ability to swear under my breath and to make comments out loud once the elevator doors shut.

  15. lolllllllll  

    good job sonya

    your trained your residents well

  16. JJ5  

    5 and 6's elevator flooded,
    and our water is brown.
    i wish i knew before i took a shower.

  17. Dhoomlover  

    Sonya boo boo saves the day!

  18. Perry  

    I heard that phil that phil had 28-35 women in his room along with an inflatable swimming pool. It was getting wet and wild when apparently the pool sprung a leak and flooded his room and the rest of the hall..not to worry he still finished LEGEND

    • Phillip's last one night stand  

      Thanks Perry for telling everyone what REALLY happened. I was actually sandwiched in between Phill and another girl when it broke. But that wasn't the only thing that broke.

      Phillip, if you're reading this:


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