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Word has reached Bwog’s ears that our dead tree friends on the west side of Broadway have named their next managing board (#134!). According to tipsters, current Spectator design editor Ben Cotton will be the new editor-in-chief, while The Eye editor Thomas Rhiel will join him as managing editor. More to follow when more names are confirmed.

UPDATE: Full board after the jump.

Editor in Chief: Ben Cotton
Managing Editor: Thomas Rhiel
Publisher: Akhil Mehta
News Editors: Sam Levin and Alix Pianin
Opinion Editors: Raphael Pope-Sussman and Emily Tamkin
Arts & Entertainment Editor: Christine Jordan
Sports Editors: Michele Cleary and Bart Lopez
Online Content Editor: Nilkanth Patel
Design Editors: Betsy Feldman and Hannah D’Apice
Photo Editor: Embry Owen
Head Copy Editor: Maggie Astor
Staff Director: Yipeng Huang
Eye Editor in Chief: Helen Werbe
Eye Managing Editor, Features: Devin Briski
Eye Managing Editor, A&E: Zach Dyer
Finance Director: Oscar Chen
Sales Director: Andrew Hitti
Alumni Director: Colin Sullivan

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  1. that's awesome  

    YEAH BEN!!!!!!!

  2. Principled Tyrant  

    Who's the new webmaster?

  3. HUZZAH!  


  4. YAY!  

    Ben is the shit!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yay Masturbation!  

    All of you are awesome! And you are awesome! And you! This'll be the best Spec ever! Group hug!

  6. Betsy

    This is the best cb ever!

  7. Mr. C  

    I am wearing no clothing. Woohoo!

  8. Anonymous  

    Ben is the shit

  9. surprised

    i thought thomas would get. but they are both awesome, and will make a great team! congrats, 134.

  10. Kanye West

    Yo 133 MB, I'm happy for you, and Ima let you finish, but 134 MB is the greatest MB of ALL TIME!! OF ALL TIME!!

  11. Joy

    134 will be amazing. I'm so proud of everyone!

  12. Woo!  

    This is a great board. The dark days are over!

  13. Harmony Hunter  

    wait is the spectator office in harmony or not in harmony exactly? some information would be great, thank you

  14. chicken wings  

    Ben is about to streak across campus! YES!

  15. Elizabeth  

    134 is going to be awesome. So excited for you guys!!!

  16. mmj  

    Woo! Go 134! You guys are going to rock!

  17. KB

    hurray for 134 and streaking!

  18. spectator  

    keeps it RHIEL

  19. eye  

    I don't get the eye. can someone explain the eye to me? I don't get it.

  20. the eye is the shit.

    also, the weekly arts and features magazine of spec. if spec were the nytimes, it would be the nytimes mag.

  21. Mr. C  

    1+3 is 4. 134. Coincidence?

  22. AR  

    Full steam ahead.

    Proud of you all.

  23. hooo-rah!  

    Go Emily, Betsey, and Devin! Yo ladies are the coolest.

  24. yay arts & entertainment  


  25. Wow  

    Can I join the circlejerk here?

  26. omg!!!  


  27. Christine and Devin  

    are like my favorite people ever. They are soooo awesome!

  28. Devin  

    is so cool! the eye's gonna be sick next year.

  29. xoxo  

    spectator is adorable.

  30. Thomas and Ben

    are cool dudes. Reign of terror is over.

  31. anonymous  

    Yipeng Huang is the most dangerous beast to walk the Earth. Staff Director is going to be amazing under him.

  32. CC 11  

    i was hoping for thomas to be EIC of spec, but ben is without a doubt an excellent man for the job.

    also, i've got a (major) secret crush on helen

  33. EIC  

    major support and props for ben cotton!!! he cares so much about spectator--both where it is and where it's going. BRAVO.

  34. alum

    Ben and Thomas are going to be a terrific team—they're both very qualified. Congrats guys, and good decision 133.

  35. Dr. Cox

    I love the part right before we start hating each other.

  36. Hooorayyy!!!  

    This fabulous new CB will finally take the Spectator out of the dark ages!

  37. Inside Information  

    Ben Cotton has an eleven-inch penis

  38. Anonymous  

    Congratulations, Ben! you're a hard worker who genuinely cares about Spec and you'll do amazing as EiC

  39. YOBS  


  40. Anonymous

    Go Alix and Sam!!! <3

  41. cc2011  

    congrats guys and gals and I hope you make the best year ever!

  42. Anon  

    maybe it's just me, but i don't know anyone on that list.

    with spectator, like other groups at Columbia (notably athletics), when you spend as much time as they do working on the newspaper, you sort of disappear from getting to know anyone outside your small circle of spec friends.

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