Bwoglines: Believe It Or Not

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COWS!Cow manure won’t play a role in contaminating the city’s water, but it’ll actually help it be cleaner. (Gothamist)

In an effort to save New York State from bankruptcy, Gov. Paterson is withholding $750 million from schools and local governments. (NYT)

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s female escort has now been given her own sex advice column by the New York Post. (NYT’s Media Decoder)

Catholics get riled up by XMAS! …That is, the “raunchy” Columbia play. (

If Columbia doesn’t proceed cautiously, it could lose its AAA credit rating. (Spec)

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  1. ummmm  

    I like how the Catholic League's website claims it's for civil rights, yet takes issue with free expression in art. Douches.

    • maybe  

      I don't think they were arguing against freedom of expression, they were voicing their disgust with the content. That being said, the reason no one skewers Ramadan every year just might be because Christmas is a little bit more culturally pervasive around here...just saying.

      • Also  

        Ramadan was in August and September... not exactly the same time of year as Christmas and Hannukah, which are what XMAS parodies. Besides, the show was awesome and not in the least bit sacrilegious--anyone who saw it could attest to that.

  2. NYT

    I'm pretty sure this should have made it: NYT endorses Columbia's Expansion in an editorial:

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