Flex Downtime Over Break

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Flex WON'T be accepted here over these datesAfter scouring a corrections email Housing sent out tonight, Bwog has discovered that additional information about Flex service was added from the previous email. The new version states that “the Blackboard system, which manages the Flex Account, will be offline from Sunday, December 27 through Tuesday, January 5 for an upgrade.” The upgrade is related to updating current systems so they can support credit cards in the spring.

So hey, Carrie A. Card, if you’re thinking of using Flex for laundry, off-campus purchases, or vending machines during that time, carry another form of currency. And this way, in the spring, maybe you’ll carry two cards!


  1. Burying the lede  

    Welcome to the 21st century, Columbia.

  2. Anonymous

    at 30 ish seconds, not related but too lazy to write an email

  3. Stuffing the Wallet  

    I gave up on off campus flex long long time ago. It is out so often I became used to carrying an alternative payment method, and I guess no reason to stop now.

    By the way... what email from Housing?

  4. well

    Wait, if flex readers are being upgraded to read credit cards, what's the point of Flex anymore? Just use credit cards everywhere...

    Also, Flex runs on blackboard? The same educational software that it seems like most universities use but CUIT eschewed in favor of its own proprietary Courseworks? Which has been slated for replacement by Sakai since like 2004? Cool.

    • Anon  

      Blackboard is a company that makes a content management system called Blackboard AND sells a card-swiping network called Blackboard. Confusing, eh?
      Can you imagine though if Flex ran on courseworks? Flex $20 for an A!

      Also, I'm viewing this in IE 8, aka the devil's browser - the layout's broken - the left side's bleeding into the main column.

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