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Hey! That was in Spider-Man!Today marks the moment people have been waiting for since the semester started: the official last day of classes. There will shouts of joy for classes ending, tears of sadness for leaving your fondest professors, and groans of misery when people realize exams start in just two days. And amidst all this hullabaloo will, of course, be professors saying the darndest things.

So once again, Bwog is requesting for you to submit any outstanding remarks, witticisms, or general statements by your professors. Please reply with them in the comments or send them to [email protected].



  1. Ken Jackson  

    absolutely amazing today. blew the entire class away.

  2. My Professor  

    said that our final will be cumulative :(

  3. Ken Jackson  

    always amazing. love his "editorials"

  4. Prof. Gulati  

    was giving a really stirring speech on poverty in the third world to his principles of econ class. About how Columbia students are in positions to do something. "I used to think that the last lecture was so I could sleep at night...Turns out it's not. It's to make sure that you don't sleep well at night."

  5. Me  

    My University Writing teacher was giving a heartfelt speech about how we were her first class and how she wouldn't forget us and how she was blessed to have such a great group of students, while one student directly in the front of the classroom was not only fully asleep but snoring very loudly.

  6. Prof. Donague  

    Instead of heartfelt life lessons, my stat professor spent 10 minutes making it very clear that he wasn't afraid of failing anyone.

    • granted  

      the example he gave was of a student who didn't turn in three assignments in a row and ended up withdrawing unofficially from the class for family reasons. So it wasn't quite as intimidating as he may have liked.

  7. "This might take longer than expected. You can leave, I won't be offended," Prof. Mike Shaevitz -- Phys I

  8. lalith  

    make sure that on this final you do the best. the other finals aren't important like this one.

  9. Dylan Thurston  

    Not really an end of class remark, though it was connected to the snazzy last day proof of the Prime Number Theorem: "When you stand up in front of a group, your IQ drops about twenty points."

  10. Stem  

    In CC:
    Student: Descartes did not have a light beaming from his chest.
    Professor Graves: No, he had a stove on his ass.

  11. Macro  

    Xavier didn't teach the last lecture!!! He was stuck abroad with the flu, or so he said....

  12. Bruce Cronin, American Foreign Policy  

    The final is a take-home and Cronin was telling us group work/cheating is not permitted. To give us an incentive not to cheat, Cronin goes on to say "If you're Jewish or you're Catholic, this will eat away at your soul for the rest of your life. So don't do it!"

    Loved the class by the way. Cronin rocks!

  13. Prof. Saliba  

    On the final: "Like the kids from Lake Wobegon, all of you will be above average."

  14. Gerald Curtis  

    Japanese Politics:

    "I have this weird hobby of reading yellow pages from phone books."

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