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Mmm... Philosophy...The Fall 2009 issue of The Gadfly is out in print, and Bwog hits the highlights:

Why skeptical science is better than paradigmatic science. (p. 6)

God and poetry: twins? (p. 10)

Stop, collaborate, and think beautifully. (p. 14)

Emotions affect attitudes affect feelings affect actions… (p. 16)

Religion through philosophy (p. 24)

Neuroenhancers: Why? Why not? (p. 2, p. 28)

What would you save: The Mona Lisa, or its guard? (p. 31)

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  1. SECOND  

    also, i have nothing to say about philosophy.

  2. Re: final question  

    The guard has legs, presumably.

  3. yeah

    I definitely read "neuroenhancers" as "necromancers." Now the article seems nowhere near as exciting.

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