We’ll Eat These Pancakes At Night

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pancakesFinals got you down? Midnight Breakfast is here “to help you get your groove back” according to the event page. Breakfast food will be in LeFrak Gymnasium for Barnard first years at 11pm, the rest of Barnard at 11:30, and open to the rest of the CU community at midnight. Nothing like the smell of pancakes in the… total darkness.

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  1. what's his name?  

    Cuzcooooo! Cuzcooooo!

  2. bwog...  

    primal scream instructions please...

  3. Does Anyone Notice  

    How the two biggest Barnard traditions revolves around eating large amounts of food?

    Just saying.

  4. Anonymous  

    why can't cu freshies go at 11?

    • anonymous  

      i presume it's because they use the word "freshies".

    • Anonymous  

      Because we listen to you whining about how we go to separate schools every other day of the year.

      Well, here's separation for you. Now go and wait an extra hour for your waffles.

      • cc' 13  

        yeah...I guess that seems more than fair.

        • fair?  

          Not if you consider that Barnard has full access to Columbia resources (classes, career services, jobs) and Columbia has limited access to Barnard resources (babysitting, summer scholarships, career services).
          But yeah, definitely.

          • Uh, yes...  

            And Barnard certainly doesn't pay Columbia for the right to use those resources, in addition to offering reciprocity for many of the same resources! Harrumph! Oh. Wait...

            Also, although Barnard may now have access to Columbia's Career Services website, it has its own Office of Career Development. Further, although the Barnard Babysitting Agency is run from a college building, and bears the name, it is not a Barnard College-run program. Lastly, really? Do you live in a magical world where Barnard students receive Columbia scholarships? Does Brown finance your Columbia education? The Offices of Admissions on both sides of the street are pretty clear that, among other things, financial aid processes are separate for both colleges.

          • ...  

            Columbia doesn't give out scholarships.

            Also, don't try to pretend that your perspective is typical of Barnard students. A good number of them have no freaking idea that they go to a college separate from Columbia University itself.

          • Pot, kettle  

            If we're going to assume that the vocal [idiot] minority is representative of the whole, I'm going to stand by my prejudice of Columbians as overprivileged, neurotic assholes, quick to accuse any and everyone of pretentious bullshit because that's all they have to stand on themselves.

          • call an ambulance  

            it's a whiny Barnard girl.

          • Uh, yes...  

            Blistering retort, sir! How lowly and whiny must I be, dear friend, to have pointed out the errors in your colleague's argument as to why it is UNFAIR that he be denied entry for one half of an hour after most Barnard students have begun munching on Anna Quindlen-served breakfast victuals at the giant, sparkly dance party that is Midnight Breakfast! I trust my ambulance is on its way.

      • Anonymous  

        Oh snap snap snap!

  5. freshman  

    15. If you want it, you got it!

  6. yay  

    Anna Quindlen just served me bacon...WIN!

  7. nom nom nom  

    nom nom nom

  8. Anonymous  

    CU freshie here and I got in at 11

  9. BC Alum

    I miss midnight breakfast!!! It reminded me each finals period why I loved the school.

  10. Anonymous  

    Not only that but for first-years, barnard got to register before columbia students for COLUMBIA CLASSES! basically, columbia students couldn't get into their own classes because some students from another school wanted to take columbia classes...

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