Ready, Set, Evaluate!

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evalYou probably haven’t been as excited to evaluate your courses as that automated Courseworks student-pestering system thinks you are. Yes, robot, I must have just forgotten to do my evaluations, thanks for the reminder! But at this point you’ve got to start thinking about it, since the deadline for most class evaluations is tonight (presumably) at midnight. It will satisfy the narcissism of your professors and more importantly you won’t be held responsible for holding up the reporting of grades for your entire class.

Also remember to fill out CULPA reviews! Not like Columbians are obsessed with cults of personality or anything, but reading about professors on CULPA really does affect your fellow students and it is guaranteed to someday affect you (if it hasn’t already). Remember that class you suffered through freshman year because there was no CULPA review? Think of the children.

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  1. How I met your mother

    I knew that Ted Mosby taught here, but I didn't know how hard his class would be!

  2. CULPA  


    take the classes with the worst reviews for the best curve morons.

  3. Everything  

    is better now. HIMYM is my favorite procrastination activity.

  4. anonym

    Granted these types of surveys need to be conducted before grade submission, but what is the rationale for requiring them to be completed before finals? Given that few teachers submit grades immediately after finals are administered, and that most wait at least a week or two, why can't the evaluations be open at least for a day after the last exam date?

  5. Syllabi  

    Don't forget to upload syllabi and quotes!!

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