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The MTA has passed a wide range of service cuts, including ending free fares for the more than half a million students who currently receive them. (Times)

The laws regulating tap water are so old that many Americans are drinking legal yet unhealthy tap water. Water filter makers everywhere put their fingers together and hissed “excellent.” (Times)

Robert Morgenthau’s feud with Mike Bloomberg cost the city $20 million. No word yet on whether Adam Schiff would’ve approved. (Post)

The state teachers’ union and school administrators have filed suit to prevent Governor Paterson from withholding ten percent of upcoming payments. No doubt this’ll be resolved just as quickly as your typical education dispute. (NY1)

The man who fatally stabbed a guy cutting in line at a midtown food cart has been acquitted. In other words, stick to buying tickets for Avatar online. (Gothamist)

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  1. finally  

    Thank God they're finally ending the student free rides. It'd be one thing of the city and state had actually paid for them like they'd promised, but it's totally not their job to pick up the pieces when Albany and Bloomberg bail on their promises.

  2. Where's  

    the Orgo Night review/video links? I want to know what I missed.

  3. Anonymous  

    Second that comment

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