1. Why  

    Is this post-worthy? People write stupid shit on flyers all the time.

  2. so  

    the commenter basically didn't realize that its an ipod touch and not a regular ipod?...

  3. aha!  

    when you search for hh2297 on columbia's website nobody comes up. i bet this is fake

    • tis true  

      But why would it be fake?

    • google  

      [email protected] shows who the person is. ppl can opt to not have their info listed on the directory.

  4. anonymous  

    this isn't even funny either way. Fake or real.

  5. Actually  

    I'd like to get my hands on one of them old-timey 3rd generation iPods. I miss them...

  6. ...

    hahaha i know that uni

  7. thank god  

    for seas kids who know what gigabytes or I probably would've bought this sub-par ipod!

  8. wrong  

    The 3rd generation iPod Touch 32gb goes for $299 at the Apple store... the flyer is right.

    This is pointless.

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