For Those Too Posh for the Subway

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carsplitWhile we eagerly anticipate the dandruff of the gods this evening, it’s time for our semi-annual CarSplit PSA.

Started by a SEAS ’06er, Carsplit uses cool computery things to help you share cabs with other students you don’t know on the way to the airport this winter break.

It normally costs about $45 to get to JFK in a cab on a good day, so by sharing with two other people, you’re down to $15 plus tip and tolls.  You’re welcome.

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  1. A  

    how long is the cab ride to JFK?

  2. December 25th flight?

    No one leaving for home on the 25th?

  3. about 45? huh?  

    it's a flat-rate, $45 plus tolls and tip, ~=$60.

  4. Rawesome  

    Thank you Bwog!

  5. New York  

    I love you, but you have the worst public transportation options to airports, and you're bringing me down.

  6. carsplit fan  

    w000t carsplit ftw

  7. carsplit fan  

    sry meant to say w000t

  8. carsplit fan  

    eh? why don't the o's in "w000t" show up as zeroes?

  9. S

    How long would the M60 take on Tuesday to LGA around 4 pm?

    • J

      45-60 minutes usually. For flight planning, allow for up to 90 min when traffic is bad (usually only during the morning/evening commutes, but every once in a while there's an accident or something that makes the trek down 125th take ages).

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