1. anon

    what building is that taken from?

  2. Puh-leaz

    We have 20 inches on the ground in D.C. bitches.

  3. Hooah  

    From the Times (

    In New York City, where snow has been measured in Central Park since 1869, only two storms have produced more than two feet of snow, the most recent occurring in February 2006. Jeffrey Tongue, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service based in Upton, N.Y., said that about a foot and a half could fall in Central Park. The snow, which began in the early afternoon, will pick up after 7 p.m., he said.

  4. yeah!  

    Keep the weather updates coming people!

  5. anonymous  

    pretty lame so far.

  6. Weatherman  

    Not lame anymore. Getting good. This storm is not going to disappoint, I'm calling it.

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