Two Public Service Announcements

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First, there are several groups planning snowball fights tonight and tomorrow morning. One group’s taken to Facebook; feel free to add your own scheduled fights in the comments. A foot of snow doesn’t come around here every year.

Second, if you are the owner of a motorcycle parked on 114th Street, it’s been towed.


Seems like a waste of a tow truck.

Photo by Tipper Austin


  1. huh  

    isnt that adam cannon's motorcycle?

  2. the  

    last time i snowball-fought, tim baur blindsided me with a softball sized ice-ball at my jaw from ~15 feet. never fucking again.

  3. adam cannon fan  

    I think his is yellow? the yellow and black ones were always parked next to each other, though.

  4. James

    Anyone know why it was towed? Is the yellow still there. My own bike is parked in the hood. Hope this isn't some BS related to snow-plowing routes...

  5. someone  

    send in the Chopper. We need news coverage.

  6. James

    Yes. Please send the chopper. I'm too lazy to check myself...

  7. well  

    yea, it is a waste of a tow truck and the chopper's owner will be charged for it, too

  8. Snow  

    ball fights are for pussys. Real men throw fight with icicles.

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