Massive Snowball Fight!

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On Low Plaza! Observers estimate 150 or so showed up for the midnight start, increasing to three or four hundred as the hour went on.

And a panorama from our webmaster/photography specialist, Hans Hyttinen (click on it for a larger picture):

Videos by John Kenney and Ron Gejman

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  1. hey bwog!

    There's a facebook petition to change the winter break schedule. There are ~1000 signatures so far. Can we get some coverage?

  2. brilliant  

    because facebook is really the way to create change.

  3. thank god more than 90% of us live 5 mins away from low plaza

  4. senior  

    aww this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (albeit frozen on the outside). i'm going to miss you columbia!

  5. Cynist  

    People only want to change the winter break schedule because it's so close to relevance in their lives. Well tough titty. Labor day was late and this is what you get. It won't be this late while anyone currently is still a student. Make the best and be thankful for any break you do get, cause you won't get such a nice one in the real world.

    Also, way to promote Ice Violence bwog. How shameful! Ice Violence never solved anything.

    • uh  

      it's this late again next year?


      The facebook group is way too whiny. It doesn’t even provide any recommended solutions. I’m not saying the current calendar is ideal, but I think it’s optimal considering course length, school year start, and readings days. Just some excerpts from the group…

      The students have the right to happiness!...We work so hard all semester, and get little reward.
      - Your reward is a college degree. If this is little to you, then stop paying and get out.

      For a student from Asia, the earliest he or she could be home would be mid day on the 25th. For students who celebrate Christmas, it is next to impossible to be home in time to celebrate…
      - Wikipedia South Korea is the only Asian country to recognize Christmas as a national holiday, so people most Asians are at work on Christmas. As for Russia, their Christmas is celebrated Jan 7.

      It is a religious holiday that the University is compromising.
      - Since when does a university have to compromise with religious holidays? What happened to all the Jewish holidays?

      If Columbia wishes to continue to attract a diverse and international student body, this is an issue it must take seriously.
      - We should attract students who care more than when their winter vacation will be.

      If one looks at colleges in the Ivy League, Columbia is alone in having such a disruptive schedule.
      - Yeah, we would either have to do exams after break, start earlier or cut courses short.
      Princenton begin recess on the 18th (RETURN JAN 3, EXAMS AFTER BREAK)
      Harvard on the 21st (EXAMS AFTER BREAK)

      Cornell on the 18th (SCHOOL STARTS BEFORE LABOR DAY)

      UPenn on the 22nd (CLASS end Thursday instead of Monday - For us, this means cutting one Monday class, significant for classes that only meet Mondays)
      Brown on the 21st ("Reading period optional and at discretion of instructor". If everyone does it, Brown courses are one week shorter. If no one does it, there's no reading days)

      Dartmouth on the 9th (TRIMESTER SYSTEM)

      • Anonymous

        Wow, this seems like it's a really difficult problem to solve. I mean, starting before labor day is just such a horrible thing to even consider.

      • what the  

        ah yeah because it's not a recognized holiday in most asian countries that means they don't celebrate christmas...oh wait asia is home to the fastest growing christian communities in the world. forget them.

      • that Movable  

        Actually, Harvard has exams before break (started this year). I think they began a week before us, but my friends there are definitely done now.

        If it's impossible to start the semester later, what we could have done this year is to get rid of the Election Day break and thus knock off the last Monday of classes and move all the exams back.

        Also, what exams were held over the weekend? I only heard of Frontiers, so if some of the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday exams were scheduled for the weekend, we could also get out earlier.

  6. snowballthrower  

    I think there were a lot more than 150 people

  7. LOST HOOD  

    Did anyone see an olive green hood with a fur trimming somewhere near the statue?? It fell off of my coat :(

  8. Silly  

    Yeah, it's going to be late for the next two years and inconvenience us again, with people saying next year we may only get one or zero reading days.

    • Hooah  

      Not sure which "people" are saying we are only going to get one or zero reading days next year, but next year's calendar is already posted, as it has been for a few years, so you can see that we get two reading days. I, for one, love having a longer summer than everyone else and do not mind staying at school a few days closer to Christmas as a result. It gives us more potential opportunities to play in the snow like tonight!

      • Californian  

        Yeah, but some us have to pay twice as much for plane tickets because we're flying a day or two before Christmas. And the potential weather delays are beyond miserable.

        • seriously  

          fuck everyone who isn't considerate to those who have to actually FLY FAR AWAY to get home for the holidays. I know that we chose to go to school at a great distance from home, but Columbia claims to be an international institution that wants to have representatives outside of the Tri-State area, so maybe they should be a bit more fucking sensitive.

          • seriously

            this is right. We have a lot of us who have to fly hours to get home overseas. If Columbia wants to be an international university, then they should respect that some of us won't be home until Christmas Eve night/Christmas morning if we have Wednesday classes. Especially if they don't tell us when finals are until late - which means it's hard to find a cheap plane ticket that far.

  9. a photographer  

    awesome panorama there

  10. SNOW  


  11. HOLLA  


  12. Snow-Pocalypse Now  

    I love the smell of a long-distance headshot in the (very early) morning.

  13. Be happy, Columbians!  

    There's snow on the ground :)

  14. Did anyone  

    see the weird kid running around with the umbrella?

  15. Priceless  

    did I just sled down Low steps on a pizza box? did I just frolic? Epic

  16. Anonymous  

    Yes'm, a good frolicking was enjoyed by all tonight. Just what I needed.

  17. Old John Jay

    You'll remember this all your lives. Unprecedented? At least in my many years at Columbia we never had a blizzard while school was in session-- this one almost missed-- and people used to live in apartments off campus so mobs like this couldn't assemble anyway. Epic! Note: John Jay Hall always used to start trouble. Good work, 15JJ!

  18. HEY  

    dude in the black coat with a white hood and skinny pants and blonde hair! arch nemesis! who are you?

  19. rematch!  

    rematch tomorrow night! pretty pretty please?

  20. Harmony Hunter  

    oops I totally missed this because i was looking for Harmony :(

    where is these picture taken b by the way :__)

  21. no real snowmen,,  

    but there is a giant penis in van am..

  22. JTS

    If we weren't still stuck here because of exams, we wouldn't have enjoyed last night this much.... just saying

  23. incredible  

    panorama, Hans. this just became 1) my desktop background and 2) a memory of Columbia I won't soon forget.

  24. diversity  

    If Columbia's looking for's supposed to try and attract.. more Jews? Really?

  25. it could  

    have been so much more epic (lethal)! Look at how they do it in DC.

  26. props  

    to the guys that sacrificed their plywood bed supports in order to provide sleds on the steps, and then let everyone ride them, plus help them get on

  27. jaime please  

    i dont think getting on top of the fountain was the most tasteful decision

  28. cc 09

    this is really awesome. i'm jealous.

  29. anonymous

    that's an awesome panorama picture!!

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