Snowball Fight 2: Electric Boogaloo

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After the overwhelming success of last night’s snowball fight, more groups are trying to extend the winter joy for another night. After all, tonight’s Primal Scream provides pretty much the perfect war cry for the start of another battle royale. One Facebook group is here, while tipsters tell us there will also be an aerial battle across 114th Street between Ruggles and John Jay. Good luck, warriors.

– Photo by HEH

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  1. Wow:  

    Hans, that is a beautiful shot.

  2. It looks like

    there's someone out there with no clothes on. Just to the right and below of center. Haha - awesome.

  3. lol  

    this would be a great photo to show people and for the columbia website had it not been for mister 'i think my testes just shrank so much my scrotum is now concave'

  4. Streaker #1  

    'twas cold but def. worth it

    public vote: again tonight?

    Vote: Yes / No

  5. agreed

    the exposure is just perfect!

  6. electric boogaloo

    was one of the best movies of the 80s. period.

  7. speaking of movies...  

    WARRRRIOORSS! come out to PLAAAYYY!!!!!

  8. john jay resident  

    wait don't we lose housing for throwing stuff out the windows?

  9. not cool....  

    COLD! to whoever tackled me!

    It was well worth the cold though.

  10. speaking of movies 2

    CAN YOU DIG IT????

  11. nice  

    nice minus the bear reference!

  12. Props

    For the new picture display feature.

  13. The battle begins with the first sounds of the primal scream. John Jay and Ruggles residents, prepare yourselves...

    ps. don't walk along 114th tonight!

  14. war on fun

    i know this is a horrible question, but I remember from the high school program that you could not throw ANYTHING out your window or you'd get "expelled". I don't remember seeing that in the housing packet for undergrad about that but...does this rule apply to snowballs you think?

  15. yo  

    don't have a facebook -- what are the details???

  16. John Jay  


    • senior  

      I always root for upperclassmen but I think they've got the strategic advantage there with the whole 14 floors thing (height and #s) ... I'd propose a carman-hogan battle but it's the same shit, so I think I'll have to get my licks in on South Lawn - good luck tho bud

  17. Anonymous  

    this is so stupid

  18. Anonymous  

    yeah - doesn't anybody have finals?

  19. hoax  

    the john jay ruggles fight was a hoax, nothing happpened. great reporting bwog.

  20. Oh it happened.  

    You just missed out.

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